Pegasus Trans

Multimodal Transportation

Transporting goods by more than one vehicle
Pegasus Trans

Multimodal translation

Our isothermal trucks have a loading system in 2 independent levels
this allows one vehicle to transport на 20-30% more cargo.
Because of the temperature recorder,the recipient of the cargo can receive a printout of temperature indicators
of the whole journey.
A reliable locking device with a double closing mechanism,
as well as the possibility of installing an additional lock.

Special construction body:


  • Circulating aluminum wall 1950 mm behind the cooling unit
  • Insulated air vent in the front wall on the upper left corner
  • Hermetically sealed aluminum tank with a height of 300 mm
  • Profiles for protecting the circulation wall from impacts

Double Deck Loading:


  • 3 vertical telescopic beams with rubber tips
  • Mounting on the side walls of the body + 2 horizontal fastening of the beam to anchor the load at the level of 80 cm from the floor
  • Aluminum corrugated floor, with permissible weight on the axis of the loader 5500 kg

Informing about location and arrival

You will receive a detailed report every 24 hours. If necessary, this information will be provided to you at any time. GPS tracking system will allow you to monitor the movement of goods in real time.


We work 7 days a week

Our employees continuously monitor the transportation performance of your cargo

Services of transported goods

Duty free

Insurance Cargo

Extended financial warranty for refrigerated transport is 300 000 EUR limit per one insurance event. At your request, we can provide with additional carrier liability insurance or cargo insurance at the desired cost – 100% or 110%.

Our partners:

  • Insurance company B&B Insurance Co,
  • Insurance company BelVneshStrakh, reinsures risks in в Lloyd’s of London, Hannover Re, CCR.

​The collaboration of Pegasus Trans with insurance companies is organized on a long-term and mutually beneficial basis. Thanks to this, we are able to offer you low insurance rates.