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of agricultural goods

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Pegasus Trans

Agro Products

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Transportation of goods by road.
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Weight and dimensions:

Length, Width and Height


  • Interior body length approx. 13410 mm
  • Interior body width approx. 2460 mm
  • Internal body height approx. 2650 mm
  • Usable body length approx. 13315 mm
  • Usable body height approx. 2550 mm
  • Tire size 2650 mm

Cargo Insurance

Extended financial warranty for refrigerated transport is 300 000 EUR limit per one insurance event. At your request, we can provide with additional carrier liability insurance or cargo insurance at the desired cost – 100% or 110%.

Our partners:

  • Insurance company B&B Insurance Co,
  • Insurance company BelVneshStrakh, reinsures risks in в Lloyd’s of London, Hannover Re, CCR.

​The collaboration of Pegasus Trans with insurance companies is organized on a long-term and mutually beneficial basis. Thanks to this, we are able to offer you low insurance rates.